UB Referral Code

UB is one of the best usa poker sites and has released a special UB Referral Code in 2010 – HREVIEW

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UB Referral Code

By using the UB referral code players will receive a free money match of 111% of their deposit, up to $1100 free. To make it easy, simply multiply your initial deposit amount by 1.11 and that is how much you will receive in free money from UB when using the referral code.

Example – You sign up for UB.com and wish to make a $200 deposit.

$200 x 1.11 = $222

You will receive $222 in free money on top of your $200 deposit, to make your total account balance at UB $422.

The Ultimate Bet referral code will be asked for one step one of the registration for UB. On the right hand side you will see where it says “Referral Code *(Optional)”. In that field you type in the UB referral code HREVIEW and continue on with your registration. As long as you have entered the referral code, you will receive free cash from UB when you make your first deposit.

If you already have an account at UB and would like to see other poker site bonus codes, or find out which legal usa poker sites are there, have a look at these top usa online poker sites that accept all players from the United States to play / deposit and for rakeback at UB or AP, rakeback.net offers 30% rakeback for both rooms.

So you might be wondering why UB gives away free money for players using the referral code? UB has to compete with many other online poker rooms. Giving away money to players who use the special referral code is a way to attract new players. Once you receive your free money from UB you may tell a couple of friends about it, and the word will spread about how great UB is. This is just a way of UB keeping their players excited and happy, which in the end will make UB a bigger online poker room. Other poker rooms give away bonuses, but none are as big or as good as the UB bonus.

How do I know this UB referral code is the best? This referral code was generated by UB. It doesn’t expire and will always give you the best initial deposit bonus that UB is offering.

Comparing the UB referral bonus to other poker rooms is actually amusing. Many online poker rooms advertise their $500 bonuses as “huge” free money bonuses. For example, one of the more popular online poker rooms (Titan Poker) is offering a bonus of $500. PokerStars gives players $600, and Full Tilt is also only $600 with their referral code. Compare all of these bonuses to the UB $1100 bonus and there is no comparison.

What is special about UB as a poker room? UB is quickly becoming the best online poker room out there. After re-branding from Ultimate Bet they have decided to do a lot of great things for players. The amount of promotions UB offers is crazy, and they are known for the best player rewards in the industry. It wouldn’t surprise me if UB is soon rated the overall best online poker room.

When you are signing up for an account at UB.com make sure you remember to enter the UB referral code HREVIEW in order to receive the special bonus UB will reward you with on your first deposit.